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# 9 Episodes

Direction and General Production

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Alguien tiene que cocinar
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Someone has to cook is the meeting of two wills, stories and journeys. It arises from the decision of Alex von Foerster and Elías Sáez to join forces to promote the message of urgency and the need for change in our diet. Their families are part of the team. The result is a transformative content, without turning back, in which the satisfaction of doing the right thing is installed with the intention of continuing to grow. Four hours of audiovisual experience divided into nine episodes.


# 13 episodes 26 min

Direction and General Production


We are all responsible for the environmental crisis humanity faces today. Our acts can fuel or weaken the prevailing production and consumption system. Do your choices respect the natural environment? Are you worried about the quality of the food you eat, the destination of the garbage you produce, the economy you promote? How can you achieve consciousness and start living in a self-sustainable way? People, who already started the transition, in thirteen episodes that will inspire you.